Happy Birthday My SBFF!!!!!

Have you ever meet someone that you can be with all day or all weekend and never get bored of? Have you ever meet a person you can trust so much that you can tell them anything and will laugh to your stupidity, keep secrets only between you and them? A person full of love that will do anything for you just to put a smile on your face? Well guess what!!!!!! I’m Blessed!!!! I have a friend that is all of the above!!!!! And that friend is ANEL and its her birthday today!!! 

I’m blessed to have her as a friend for the passed 7 years. I’m sad that I meet her so late in life and that I wish I could have been part of her friends list since I was born. She is such an amazing person from all different ways. Her smile brightens up a room when she walks in and makes everyone happy. Her personality is so welcoming, if she could she would welcome the world all to her house to sit down and play Mafia she is a person that wouldnever judge a person that a amazing aspect about her. She is a amazing dance sober and when she is drunk also keeps up the moves no matter what. Her thrive of wanting to explore and travel the world is amazing, she love to travel and love taking pics everywhere we go (she one of our supermodels we have in the LEW Crew). 

Anel again thank you for being who you are and never change!!!! You are an amazing person no matter even you “Matando Me” everyday πŸ˜‚. 

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival 2015

What an amazing event was seen this year on Chicago’s own Magificet Mile. With my favorite characters in the world Mickey & Minnie Mouse!!! I had a blast this year spending this lovely event with the LEW Crew ( Blanca, Bryant, Christina, Eddie, Juan, &Liza) thank you all for spending time with me and each other!!! Sorry for the cold weather but what can we say we live in Chicago where our weather is Bipolar.   Best part was on the ride to Braynts car where fit all 7 of us in a little Ford Fusion lol see pics below.


Ditka Dash 2015

What and amazing run we had today!!! Not only did we have fun but we did it for a awesome cause that we should all help out no matter what. Today we put a grand of sand in to support the Special Olympics in today’s Ditka Dash. We did our first run earlier this year as a group and soon I became little attach to these 5ks and wanted to do more this year, I soon found this dash that was supporting the Special Olympics so we decided to do it and man I will never regret on doing it and soon to become a new on going Ditka runner for there up coming causes. Some people wonder why people do these dashes/ runs and why we pay so much for them. But the main cause is to support the organizations and the people they help out. It was a great feeling seeing people that we are supporting cheering us on in the side lines and with a great smile knowing that we are there for them!!!! You don’t know the support and how great it felt seeing them cheer us on in the side line with big smile knowing we can do it!!! I love that we are able to put a smile to their faces and have them know no matter what goes on in their daily lives there will always be people their to back them up… I can’t wait until next years dash…. I’ll leave you here with some pics of today’s run πŸ™‚  


Indy 500 2015

What an amazing event is Indy 500!!!! It is my first time I have ever been to Indy 500 and let’s say I need to go back and do it again. Was a great experience to do it with the LEW Crew that showed up to Indy 500 2015 🏁🏁🏁🏁. im ready to come back and do it all over 2016. The only thing is I’ll be little more prepared for it next year in what we need and what we don’t need, plus also what we can take in to the pit and what we can not. I’ll let the pics do the talking because I can’t put the awesomeness of this event into words.  


Pre Indy 500

What an amazing day today!!! Has to be one of the best days of Spring 2015!!!! Shout out to the LEW Crew in Indianapolis this weekend enjoying the Indy 500!!!!! 

We started our journey to Indianapolis this morning around 8:00 AM starting breakfast at Bob Evans, thank you for whoever made the best decision to have breakfast there I have to say it was the best place to do it with such an amazing group of people. The food was delicious and spending time with every single one of you was better. After having breakfast we kept with our journey to Indianapolis, you know driving with a group of people you need to make the frequent bathroom brakes and in our first stop we did Winamac where we got to see a farm where they make cheese and ice cream!! Was a place I would like to come back and spend a day there!!!  After our fabulous walk in the Oak Farms we continued our journey to Indy.

After a 2 hours drive we arrived to our fabulous Indianapolis Indiana to see the Indy 500 parade !!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ the parade was awesome, has to be one of the best parades in my life time as you can see from the few pics I took because most of the time I was amazed of all the work they put into this event and amazing floats!!! When the parade finished we meet up with some great friend of Eddie Gtz that lives out here in Indianapolis who is Rudy he was with his brother Tony and nephew Danny who are so much fun and amazing people. They took us in a 5k walk getting us ready for our next weekend Bubble run unexpectedly thru Indianapolis but man did they take us to an amazing spot to gain all of the calories that we just burned… It was BRU Burger and man did that burger taste soooooo good!!! I’m not sure if it was because we was dying of hunger or because it’s just such an amazing place to eat!!! 

Well after our lovely day getting to Indy and our 5k walk we parted to our resting destination where we will take our lovely nap to get ready for tomorrow’s amazing event the one and only Indy 500!!!! 
Good Night and see you guys tomorrow 




LEW Crew Meeting

What an amazing way to start of your Sunday with a meeting with your friends!!! 😍 Well today we had a meeting with the crew and talked about some issues that where accruing with the crew and misunderstandings that have happened in the past 3 weeks. It was something that brought up to us yesterday that we needed to get things straightened out before they got worst. I’m glad that we had this talk and seems everything was worked out between everyone.  I would love to get into detail of everything that happened but it’s not worth the time of doing so because there was things where just made up and nonsense. 

But after a lovely talk we got hungry and decide to to go out to eat and Sunrise in Whiting IN not everyone got the chance to eat with us because they had to work or had a Sox game maybe next time we will all sit down and have breakfast together !!! Good times!!! 
 LEW Crew 2015  
LEW Crew  LEW Crew  LEW Crew  

Z’s BirthdayΒ 

What a wonderful day today!!! Happy Holy Friday πŸ˜€ and Z’s Birthday today!!! 

Well today Is Z’s birthday and everyone was confused in what to do it how to celebrate it because he is not a person that like people to celebrate his birthday. So we decided to just do what he like to do watch movies!!! 🎬 and lucky him Furious 7 just came out and no one has seen it, we decided to all get together and go with him and I guess semi celebrate his birthday doing so. The LEW Crew and his brothers and sister joined as well to the new movie theater in downtown Chicago Icon On Roosevelt to see this lovely movie but before the movie some gathered to go to the John Hancock building and do the tilt that seems exciting but Juan & I didn’t get a chance to go. 

But little of the movie, was a great movie if you have not seen it you should watch it at the movies it’s a cinema movie not a movie to watch at home. The Paul Walker tribute was so touching had me tear up but also seeing Anel & Blanca crying there asses off made me cry even more 😭 


Game Night @ Anel’s…

I love spending quality time with the LEW Crew πŸ˜„ it’s a amazing feeling spending time with my family of friends the people I know that will be there for me when my family can’t. These group of people are my everything, people that I can’t talk to and tell them my problems and they won’t judge me. 

I first would like to thank Anel for hosting the game night, it’s very nice of you for doing such a thing and having us over to eat pizza and play games and be crazy ass people that we are. From playing Mafia to playing The Conjouring is the best…. Games that no matter how old we are we will find a way to entertain ourselves.  There is never a day of game night that we ending up arguing and because of the arguing we change the game. πŸ˜‚ we play more games in one night than most people play in a month lol. Also a great big shout out to our friend Phil from Canada !!!

I would like to thank everyone that made it out today for game night that includes Anel, Adrian, Bryan, Eddie, Ingrid, Jaime, Juan, Tiffany, Michelle, and Z



Tow Truck Story

Im here sitting watching tv rolling in the floor thinking of My friends toe truck story lol.. Here it goes πŸ˜‰

My friend was driving home couple months ago from a exciting day out with friends, when his truck suddenly stopped working and he was forced to pull over in the side of the expressway and wait for a tow truck. He sat there for a long 45 min waiting for AAA to come and help him out. Suddenly AAA shows up with with his flatbed and Mr Gtz starts talking to the tow truck driver. 

Tow Truck Driver: Hi, how you doing today? Are you Mr. Gtz?

Mr Gtz: Good and you? Wish I could be home by now (stressed out)

Tow Truck Driver: Can you please step out of the truck? (Mr Gtz steps out of the truck) What happened to your truck?

Mr Gtz: I don’t know I’m gay! I was just driving and suddenly shut off in me and didn’t want to turn on anymore. 

Tow Truck Driver: Ok Mr Gtz can you please put your truck in to neutral and jump in the truck, I will need to tow your truck. ( Mr Gtz jumps in the truck)

The truck driver starts latching all the chains to Mr Gtz truck and prepping for it to pull on the his flatbed truck. Suddenly the tow truck driver starts pulling the truck up to the flatbed.

Mr Gtz: Sitting in his truck he gets scared of what is going on. Reality kicks in to him and thinks it’s not safe to he secures himself by buckling up and holding on to his steering wheel very tight. While the trucker is pulling the truck up to the tow truck Mr Gtz body is bouncing all over (he says that it felt like when your going up on a roller coster). After little while the truck is fully up in the flatbed and ready to go. 

Tow Truck Driver: He opens his truck to take off after securing the truck but then suddenly stop and had the most confused look on his face. He take a walk around his tow truck and looks to his left down the road looks to his right down the road (still with a confused look) 

Mr Gtz: Lowers his driver window and yells out ” Excuse me what you looking for Mr?!?!” 

Tow Truck Driver: ” Oh My God!!! What the hell are you doing in your truck!!” “Your not supposed to be in your truck!”

Mr Gtz: confused “What you mean? You told me to get in the truck?”

Tow Truck Drive: “No! Not your truck! My truck! Do you know how much trouble would I get if you would have got injured!?!?”  

Mr Gtz: ” I was thinking the same but, I was confused and obeying your instructions”

Tow Truck Driver: ” Get out! Get out of your truck! Before anyone sees you or you get hurt!

The Tow Truck driver helps Mr Gtz out of his truck and secures him into his trucks and toes his truck to his house safely