Esteban’s Birthday!!!

I would like to wish my S Best Friend  a happy birthday!!!!! This Guy Esteban aka Vaquero has been there for me in the good times and the bad times for the past 11 years, it hard to find people like him these days, someone that you can trust and tell your whole life to and will never judge you from your mistakes only guide you and help you out to better yourself. I can go back from the days when I worked at La Ley 107.9 to the days of KARE and to the days we would hang out with the VIP CREW. We have so many memories and awesome times we have spent together. I’m surprised he has been able to deal with my crazy shit and spontaneous events to trips he has gone with me. I wish his many more birthdays and many more years of friendship with amazing person. Today we celebrate with him another fabulous year of thanking the man above for giving the opportunity of being with us. His family is blessed of having him back in town in not only being a son of Mr & Ms G but as a father figure to his nephews and nieces. Check out the awesome pics of Esteban enjoying his time with us. Again Happy Birthday to this wonderful man!!!!!