Good Bye Ferris Wheel ðŸ˜­

Well today we said our last good bye to our one and only Navy Piers Ferris Wheel. Today will be the last day this Ferris Wheel will be on until next a year new Ferris Wheel. This lovely Chicago’s own greatest tourist attraction has been in Chicago since 1995 until today September 27, 2015 😥. We soon will be seeing this man made fabrication be taken away from this lovely city to God knows where. But the good news is that Navy Pier will not loose it’s Ferris Wheel they will be upgrading to a newer and better Ferris Wheel that will be opening in Fall of 2016!!!! 😍🙌🏽😀 Hopefully you all have enjoyed this fabulous attraction in the past before its good bye…. I know I have and here are some pics of our last ride.  

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Last Day Fiesta Del Sol 2015

What an amazing event Pilsen throws every year for Fiesta Del Sol. But this year I can’t explain how happy was it to be part of this years event with American Diabetes Association. Juan and I reached out to over 3,000+ people explaining them about how diabetes effects your life and how to control diabetes on a daily bases. I feel emotionally proud and happy that I can give part of my time from my busy life, for such a bery important cause that effects so many people not only in the U.S. but world wide. 

     There are so many people that have diabetes but don’t know how to control it or handle having diabetes. But what is sad that they don’t know how common it is to have it and how much help there is out there for you. I wish I could just reach out to every single person that has diabetes and try to impact them in a way so they can take care of themselves or help other to cope with diabetes.  I would also wish there was more people out there that could give a day out of there busy life to volunteer and help reach out to others explains there life issues or help other cope with diabetes.  

I would like to thank all the vendors that took time to do there free examinations and es hung out to everyone!!!! Thank you mostly to Reina Gold my amazing Zumba girl that I love to invite to all of our events because she  does a AMAZING JOB not only intertaing the people but getting them involved and dancing!!! I have seen her doing Zumba for a while now and I can say she is the most amazing ZUMBA instructor I know with the crew she brings along with her just is a amazing crew. I can’t wait to see her again to dance and burn this calories we eat in a daily bases!!! Also thank you Jewel Osco & Costco for all of your help love meeting new people you guys are the best!!!


Flavor 2015

What an amazing day today!!! I had a good food expo from Sysco Chicago Inc. and tasted log of different types of food and ways preparing it.  

Today thanks to Ashley a sales rep from Sysco invited me to the Flavor of 2015. They had lots of different things to try like Small Bites, Salads, Soup & Bread, Pasta & Pizza, Cheese & Deli, Seafood, Meat and my favorite Desserts and Beverages!!! Let’s say I took my mom to just join me to the event to have some company to join me but let’s say she got more out of it than me lol.

My mom came home with bags filled of products and items from Sysco and came home extra full of eating and trying everything that passed her nose. She looked so adorable going to every stand and stuffing her mouth not knowing what it would taste, but her face reaction to the food that she didn’t like was priceless!!! She would tell me you would like that and I would tell her I ask before putting it my mouth what it has so I won’t make those faces… 

It was fun and hope to go to many more they have. Next time I’ll take other people to join me.


LatPro Jobfair

Today I had my chance to get a job at a place I love which is Disney but I decide to stay where my family lives and my friends are in Chicgao. I decided to take a chance and look one more month in Chicago for a job and if it doesn’t happen I will then look for employment some where else like Florida. 

I went to LatPro job fair here in Chicago and I will never regret coming to this Jobfair. I learned a lot from the people that organized it and the companies in the Jobfair. They made me realize how powerful it is to be a minority but also bilingual. When people call me minority I feel proud to be a minority because I don’t feel like one because I value my self more than they do themselves. I value for two people and they can only do not even half of what I can because of who I am.  If your a minority or bilingual don’t down yourself because of your race be proud of who you are will get you farther than you think!!! 

The Price Is Right

What an amazing night did I spend with my friends Anel, Adrian, Cristina, David, Juan, Liza, Rebecca today at the live show of The Price Is Right. I never really seen the show at home, but God the show is amazing LIVE we had a blast. Only thing that sucks none of us won anything but we did win a experience of a life time being at the show.

Chilling in the boat

Massacre Haunted House

What a amazing haunted house they have here!!!! It was better than “13th Floors” that we went to last weekend. The only thing we found out this time around that you can’t judge a book by it covers. Massacre Haunted House looks like to be a lame haunted house from the out side because not much going on but wait until you walk in and your mind set will change of that place.

This time I did not become the leader because I wanted Juan to be the leader for once this time around 😉 In our group of four was Juan, Liza (La Muñeca), Me, and Chelly….. It was a good thing that Juan went first because if it was not for him I would have been for sure at the end by the middle of the haunted house. I was so scared in some parts of the house that a dropped down to the floor and listened to Chelly screaming “TELL HIM TO LEAVE ME ALONE”!!!!! lol and ahead of me I would here Liza “NO! NO! NO!” them girls made it so much fun besides having great props and actors in this place..

I 100% recommend this place for anyone they are open for Christmas & Valentines Massacre as well I know I will be back again for sure to this place.

13th Floor

I got a chance to visit the 13th Floor Haunted House in Melrose Park today with Liza & Juan it was one of the best haunted houses I been to lately. Was kinda pricy for the house but the best part is having Liza all up in my ass screaming 😉

From the start there it was a great experience because there was people scaring people out side in the line. There was a guy dressed up like my friend Liza when she wakes up every morning. 😱 lol was pretty funny but she didn’t that it was because I think was true lol. I then saw a guy that had a puppet in his had look like the luckiest puppet ever getting fisted all day long when I don’t 😔… But when we arrived to actually enter there was a crazy looking girl that gave the house a great spook feeling to enter. They send you in small groups with approximately 2 minutes intervals. There is enough scare for everyone no matter what part of the group you in front middle or back. I was in the front with Liza in the back of me sniffing my ass lol. That girl didn’t want to let go of seeing the back of my jacket every time she herd me scream she screamed louder, or every time she looked up I would go death lol..

We paid a extra $10 per person to get the fast pass and costed us $80 for 2 to enter the haunted house.