1st 2016 Vacation 

Tomorrow I start my fabulous little vacation!!!! This time tomorrow we will be arriving to the Sunny State of Florida in the lovely city of Miami !!! We will be start our vacation in Orlando to see some lovely family members there and from there on Monday we will be boarding our Norwegian Sky to head out to the Bahamas!!! I will be posting pics and snap chating my lovely experience in this cruise!! Sad that the LEW Crew won’t be joking me on this trip but they will be with us like always!

Living A Dream/ Fantasy

Don’t ever doubt yourself in what you can do… Never give up in a dream or visions because you never know when you will live that dream. There has been couple things in my life that I have thought of doing or wanting to do. But I sometimes thought of giving up but in the back of my head I never did!!! I found out today that your dreams come realty if you never give up!! I still sit here today wondering if it was just a dream or if it really happened!!! I’m shocked the stuff that I can do sometimes!! Love your life and never live life with regrets or what ifs!!!

Chi-Town Rising 

What an amazing way to end 2015 in Chicago this year! Chicago turned up this year, I need to give props for everyone that put this event together!! I am happy to see that the city of Chicago did this Chi-Town Rising event and hope they keep it going for many years to come. Yea I know there was some technical issues or some things that didn’t seem to be planed to schedule but hey it was their first time doing it and I believe they did a fabulous job. I believe every year will be an amazing event. Here are some pics to show how much fun we had this year at Chi-Town Rising!!


Magnificent Mile Lights Festival 2015

What an amazing event was seen this year on Chicago’s own Magificet Mile. With my favorite characters in the world Mickey & Minnie Mouse!!! I had a blast this year spending this lovely event with the LEW Crew ( Blanca, Bryant, Christina, Eddie, Juan, &Liza) thank you all for spending time with me and each other!!! Sorry for the cold weather but what can we say we live in Chicago where our weather is Bipolar.   Best part was on the ride to Braynts car where fit all 7 of us in a little Ford Fusion lol see pics below.


Good Bye Ed Debevic’s

For those that didn’t get the new Ed Debevic’s will be closed after today!!!!!! They will be closed temporarily until they find a new location to establish the new business. This location will soon be made to dust and ashes to soon build lovely new homes aka condominiums. I’m little upset of all these changes coming to Chicago so quick last week we had our last ride on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier and this week out last dinner here at Ed Debevic’s. We done come here couple of times before the news they was closing doors and always enjoyed their horrible best service anyone can have. I can’t wait to go eat at the new location hopefully sooner than later. As you can see in one of the pics I took Noooo they are not being abducted by aliens lol. No Donald Trump Mexicans are not taking it to Mexico!!! They just changing location to make their service just as bad it was it everyone worse 😂…. 


Feliz Dia De Las Putas!!!


I would like for all you Putas to enjoy your day today while I sit here at home stuffing my mouth with this gorgeous delicious sausage in my couch don’t mind me while I put it my mout with jalapeños and some wings…. Don’t think nasty now I’m just eating Beggers Pizza while my dad watches his many sport of boxing and Juan and I on our phones lol… 

Ditka Dash 2015

What and amazing run we had today!!! Not only did we have fun but we did it for a awesome cause that we should all help out no matter what. Today we put a grand of sand in to support the Special Olympics in today’s Ditka Dash. We did our first run earlier this year as a group and soon I became little attach to these 5ks and wanted to do more this year, I soon found this dash that was supporting the Special Olympics so we decided to do it and man I will never regret on doing it and soon to become a new on going Ditka runner for there up coming causes. Some people wonder why people do these dashes/ runs and why we pay so much for them. But the main cause is to support the organizations and the people they help out. It was a great feeling seeing people that we are supporting cheering us on in the side lines and with a great smile knowing that we are there for them!!!! You don’t know the support and how great it felt seeing them cheer us on in the side line with big smile knowing we can do it!!! I love that we are able to put a smile to their faces and have them know no matter what goes on in their daily lives there will always be people their to back them up… I can’t wait until next years dash…. I’ll leave you here with some pics of today’s run 🙂  


HA1loween Burger

Ok so yesterday I had this fabulous delicious new burger from Burger King and man I have to say it was a great idea to try it out until today in the morning I did my morning visit to the restroom !!! My sh!+ let’s say was not the regular color that it usually comes out, I thought I was making little incredible halks all this morning but wish it was just the morning it’s late at night right now and little halks are still coming out but earlier they where very green now they are dark green color coming back to the the regular color it’s supposed to be…. I was scared out of my mind thinking I was eating healthy but no just was the A1 burger that everyone should go try… I took pics of the burger but didn’t want to show you of the green stuff that happened after eating the burger enjoy it everyone while you ca!!!!
Eat the A1  🍔 = Green 💩