Happy Birthday My SBFF!!!!!

Have you ever meet someone that you can be with all day or all weekend and never get bored of? Have you ever meet a person you can trust so much that you can tell them anything and will laugh to your stupidity, keep secrets only between you and them? A person full of love that will do anything for you just to put a smile on your face? Well guess what!!!!!! I’m Blessed!!!! I have a friend that is all of the above!!!!! And that friend is ANEL and its her birthday today!!! 

I’m blessed to have her as a friend for the passed 7 years. I’m sad that I meet her so late in life and that I wish I could have been part of her friends list since I was born. She is such an amazing person from all different ways. Her smile brightens up a room when she walks in and makes everyone happy. Her personality is so welcoming, if she could she would welcome the world all to her house to sit down and play Mafia she is a person that wouldnever judge a person that a amazing aspect about her. She is a amazing dance sober and when she is drunk also keeps up the moves no matter what. Her thrive of wanting to explore and travel the world is amazing, she love to travel and love taking pics everywhere we go (she one of our supermodels we have in the LEW Crew). 

Anel again thank you for being who you are and never change!!!! You are an amazing person no matter even you “Matando Me” everyday đŸ˜‚. 

Esteban’s Birthday!!!

I would like to wish my S Best Friend  a happy birthday!!!!! This Guy Esteban aka Vaquero has been there for me in the good times and the bad times for the past 11 years, it hard to find people like him these days, someone that you can trust and tell your whole life to and will never judge you from your mistakes only guide you and help you out to better yourself. I can go back from the days when I worked at La Ley 107.9 to the days of KARE and to the days we would hang out with the VIP CREW. We have so many memories and awesome times we have spent together. I’m surprised he has been able to deal with my crazy shit and spontaneous events to trips he has gone with me. I wish his many more birthdays and many more years of friendship with amazing person. Today we celebrate with him another fabulous year of thanking the man above for giving the opportunity of being with us. His family is blessed of having him back in town in not only being a son of Mr & Ms G but as a father figure to his nephews and nieces. Check out the awesome pics of Esteban enjoying his time with us. Again Happy Birthday to this wonderful man!!!!! 

Relationship Problems 

Ok here some drama you kind read about a story that was just brought to my attention here do read and leave your comments!!! This is a situation between a couple and THE KIDS!!!

So what I was told that someone found text messages between him (the dad) and another girl. After finding out that he was messing her the family decides to turn their back on him and kicking him out of the house. So his only option he had at the moment was moving out to his brothers house for some moral support and to have a place to stay at. Days later his kids then vandalized his car and putting law into there own hands!! đŸ™„ like really what the fuck!!! Who the fuck are they to do that and not just that but to their own Dad!!! Yea the Dad might have fucked up at some point in their parents relationship but that between the parents not the kids. The kids then decide to freeze his bank out and put a restraining order on their dad đŸ˜³!!! Who the the right mind does this shit!!! It is not their relationship to start off it is not their bank account(s) to even do that shit!! I’m done with this pisses the shit of me!!! 

Last Day of 2 Weeks of Filming

Today we wrap up of 2 long weeks of none stop filming for a full feature film name disclosed at the moment, we sit here enjoying our lunch in Boystown across the street where we just filmed couple scenes at Roscoes Night Club. It’s a Iconoclast Film directed by Tadeo Garcia where a story of a lovely couple meet and have some life changing moments thru out there lives and relationship as well. It’s a must watch movie that soon will wrap up in the ends of this summer and hopefully out on the theater for you to watch by the end of the year. 

Indy500’s Centennial 

Here we are again!!!! 2nd year of coming to Indy500 but this year is not just another year of the Indy500 it is there 100th year of having this enormous event in Indy… So this year only Juan and I where the one to come to this event in this fabulous Memorial Day Weeknd event. Here are some pics of us at the event not much because we where having to much fun in out VIP section with the crazy fans and lovely shows the drunk people have us! đŸ˜‚

Centennial Wheel @ Navy Pier

Here we are on our first ride on the new and fabulous Centennial Wheel with Juan and Mia!!! This is a awesome addition to Navy Pier this year that we are experiencing the first ride of day 2 of the opening of the wheel. Next week we will be showing the inside of the gondola of the wheel that has see thru floors and nice fancy seats. 

Cinespace Chicago Filming Days

What an amazing way to spend your first full day of filing at this place where not only we have the privilege to film but all of the Chciago Shows are filmed from Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, plus also Transfermors and Divergent. Here are some clips that I can show of part of our filming and experience at Cinespace Chicago where the magic happens of building a movie. Chicago Hollywood in the making đŸ˜˜. Please stay tuned for our future production in the making by Iconclast Films directed by Tadeo Garcia pics of the production on their Facebook page!!! Supporting all filming in Chicago.

Trumps Chicago Rally Canceled 

As many of you know today was a historical day for Chicago!!! It has been a day of change, a day of unity, a day of letting your voice be heard!!! 

This is how I love to see the people of Chicago to join as a team and let their voices to be heard and not to be scared like others when they feel pushed to a corner. This is what we need to do on a all occasions that we feel we need a change!! How lots of the people of Chicago and surrounding cities and states came together and had this rally canceled was just the start. Now we need to move forward from here this was just the beginning Trump, he thought he can just walk in and do the same thing he does in all other cities? Well let’s say he thought wrong to try to play that with Chicago. 

Now the next step is for all those 17 year olds that where out there helping out in canceling this rally you need to register to VOTE!!! And for everyone else that was out there and not registered to VOTE do so now!! Those that are registered to VOTE well you need to VOTE!!! As you can see that your voice can be heard, don’t be scared to go vote, YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER!!! YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!!! 

I am providing a link for all those NOT REGISTERED TO CLICK THE LINK AND REGISTER!!!! 

Register To Vote

Get up and let your VOTE be heard!!!!