Ditka Dash 2015

What and amazing run we had today!!! Not only did we have fun but we did it for a awesome cause that we should all help out no matter what. Today we put a grand of sand in to support the Special Olympics in today’s Ditka Dash. We did our first run earlier this year as a group and soon I became little attach to these 5ks and wanted to do more this year, I soon found this dash that was supporting the Special Olympics so we decided to do it and man I will never regret on doing it and soon to become a new on going Ditka runner for there up coming causes. Some people wonder why people do these dashes/ runs and why we pay so much for them. But the main cause is to support the organizations and the people they help out. It was a great feeling seeing people that we are supporting cheering us on in the side lines and with a great smile knowing that we are there for them!!!! You don’t know the support and how great it felt seeing them cheer us on in the side line with big smile knowing we can do it!!! I love that we are able to put a smile to their faces and have them know no matter what goes on in their daily lives there will always be people their to back them up… I can’t wait until next years dash…. I’ll leave you here with some pics of today’s run 🙂  


Last Day Fiesta Del Sol 2015

What an amazing event Pilsen throws every year for Fiesta Del Sol. But this year I can’t explain how happy was it to be part of this years event with American Diabetes Association. Juan and I reached out to over 3,000+ people explaining them about how diabetes effects your life and how to control diabetes on a daily bases. I feel emotionally proud and happy that I can give part of my time from my busy life, for such a bery important cause that effects so many people not only in the U.S. but world wide. 

     There are so many people that have diabetes but don’t know how to control it or handle having diabetes. But what is sad that they don’t know how common it is to have it and how much help there is out there for you. I wish I could just reach out to every single person that has diabetes and try to impact them in a way so they can take care of themselves or help other to cope with diabetes.  I would also wish there was more people out there that could give a day out of there busy life to volunteer and help reach out to others explains there life issues or help other cope with diabetes.  

I would like to thank all the vendors that took time to do there free examinations and es hung out to everyone!!!! Thank you mostly to Reina Gold my amazing Zumba girl that I love to invite to all of our events because she  does a AMAZING JOB not only intertaing the people but getting them involved and dancing!!! I have seen her doing Zumba for a while now and I can say she is the most amazing ZUMBA instructor I know with the crew she brings along with her just is a amazing crew. I can’t wait to see her again to dance and burn this calories we eat in a daily bases!!! Also thank you Jewel Osco & Costco for all of your help love meeting new people you guys are the best!!!


Vive Tu Vida! 

What an amazing event here at McKinley Park totally FREE!!! This event is one of the most amazing events I have seen or been part of this year it’s amazing how many vendors showed up and are part of Vive Tu Vida! This event is full of FREE screenings and lots of informational booths not only for you but for your kids as well! I did my walk around to see who and what venders are around and I saw they are giving again FREE blood pressure, diabetes, glucose, HIV, kidney, STD, vision and more screenings. Not only do they offer all these types of screeneing they also are giving away books for your children so they can read all summer long. There is no excuse for people not to make it to events like this that are for the community and to get checked up. I love events like this because you meet people that are going thru the same types of situations as others if it’s being sick or having types of symptoms that have each other cope with there situations. 

If you like to become a volunteer like myself leave your info below and I will follow up with you for future events. 


Stop Holding On!!

I don’t know why we sometimes surround ourselves with negative people that just always love brings us down. Sometimes we just need to open up our eyes and see the reality of those people that brings us down and let go of them, might be the hardest thing to but will be one of the best thing you will do. 

Some people will always be next to you no matter what from to easy and the tough, from your happy days to your worst days in life. Those peoe that are always there for you are going to be the people you should never let go and sometimes are the ones you push sways worring of those that have let go of you in the past and you have caught to bring them back into your life but your wasting all your time and energy on a person that does not care about you like the others. 

Let go of those that have thrown their back at you at the tough times and on your worst of times and I beet your life will be so much better in the long run!!!!


Your Future

There is days I sit down and ask people what they expect or want if their lives and never have a answer to my question. They sit there look in the space and wonder not knowing what they want. You will never get no where and succeed without setting goals and making your goals part of your life. What you need to do is start creating your future in how you want it, get up and do something if your not happy where you at.