I would like to personally welcome you to my page. I have done couple blogs before but never kept up with them before, this one is different and will be keeping up with it on a regular bases. First of all I’m not a English major and I don’t and will not write perfect English on my blog. I will write like how I am feeling and if I was talking to you.


Little about me I am a 28 year old Latino that is homosexual and proud of who I am, I have gone thru my ups and downs like all of you that are homosexuals. It has been hard living in a strong Catholic religious family, my parent raised me by going to church every weekend and all major holiday in the Bible and religious beliefs. I currently do fallow the Catholic religion but not a strong follower like my parents. I will be bringing this topic up a lot in my blog and you will see and read about it a lot.


This is my first time really writing about me so please give me little time to get the hang of it and I will write and expand this more 😉

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