Happy Birthday My SBFF!!!!!

Have you ever meet someone that you can be with all day or all weekend and never get bored of? Have you ever meet a person you can trust so much that you can tell them anything and will laugh to your stupidity, keep secrets only between you and them? A person full of love that will do anything for you just to put a smile on your face? Well guess what!!!!!! I’m Blessed!!!! I have a friend that is all of the above!!!!! And that friend is ANEL and its her birthday today!!! 

I’m blessed to have her as a friend for the passed 7 years. I’m sad that I meet her so late in life and that I wish I could have been part of her friends list since I was born. She is such an amazing person from all different ways. Her smile brightens up a room when she walks in and makes everyone happy. Her personality is so welcoming, if she could she would welcome the world all to her house to sit down and play Mafia she is a person that wouldnever judge a person that a amazing aspect about her. She is a amazing dance sober and when she is drunk also keeps up the moves no matter what. Her thrive of wanting to explore and travel the world is amazing, she love to travel and love taking pics everywhere we go (she one of our supermodels we have in the LEW Crew). 

Anel again thank you for being who you are and never change!!!! You are an amazing person no matter even you “Matando Me” everyday 😂. 


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