Relationship Problems 

Ok here some drama you kind read about a story that was just brought to my attention here do read and leave your comments!!! This is a situation between a couple and THE KIDS!!!

So what I was told that someone found text messages between him (the dad) and another girl. After finding out that he was messing her the family decides to turn their back on him and kicking him out of the house. So his only option he had at the moment was moving out to his brothers house for some moral support and to have a place to stay at. Days later his kids then vandalized his car and putting law into there own hands!! 🙄 like really what the fuck!!! Who the fuck are they to do that and not just that but to their own Dad!!! Yea the Dad might have fucked up at some point in their parents relationship but that between the parents not the kids. The kids then decide to freeze his bank out and put a restraining order on their dad 😳!!! Who the the right mind does this shit!!! It is not their relationship to start off it is not their bank account(s) to even do that shit!! I’m done with this pisses the shit of me!!! 


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