Trumps Chicago Rally Canceled 

As many of you know today was a historical day for Chicago!!! It has been a day of change, a day of unity, a day of letting your voice be heard!!! 

This is how I love to see the people of Chicago to join as a team and let their voices to be heard and not to be scared like others when they feel pushed to a corner. This is what we need to do on a all occasions that we feel we need a change!! How lots of the people of Chicago and surrounding cities and states came together and had this rally canceled was just the start. Now we need to move forward from here this was just the beginning Trump, he thought he can just walk in and do the same thing he does in all other cities? Well let’s say he thought wrong to try to play that with Chicago. 

Now the next step is for all those 17 year olds that where out there helping out in canceling this rally you need to register to VOTE!!! And for everyone else that was out there and not registered to VOTE do so now!! Those that are registered to VOTE well you need to VOTE!!! As you can see that your voice can be heard, don’t be scared to go vote, YOUR VOTE DOES MATTER!!! YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!!! 

I am providing a link for all those NOT REGISTERED TO CLICK THE LINK AND REGISTER!!!! 

Register To Vote

Get up and let your VOTE be heard!!!!  


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