Good Bye Ed Debevic’s

For those that didn’t get the new Ed Debevic’s will be closed after today!!!!!! They will be closed temporarily until they find a new location to establish the new business. This location will soon be made to dust and ashes to soon build lovely new homes aka condominiums. I’m little upset of all these changes coming to Chicago so quick last week we had our last ride on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier and this week out last dinner here at Ed Debevic’s. We done come here couple of times before the news they was closing doors and always enjoyed their horrible best service anyone can have. I can’t wait to go eat at the new location hopefully sooner than later. As you can see in one of the pics I took Noooo they are not being abducted by aliens lol. No Donald Trump Mexicans are not taking it to Mexico!!! They just changing location to make their service just as bad it was it everyone worse 😂…. 



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