HA1loween Burger

Ok so yesterday I had this fabulous delicious new burger from Burger King and man I have to say it was a great idea to try it out until today in the morning I did my morning visit to the restroom !!! My sh!+ let’s say was not the regular color that it usually comes out, I thought I was making little incredible halks all this morning but wish it was just the morning it’s late at night right now and little halks are still coming out but earlier they where very green now they are dark green color coming back to the the regular color it’s supposed to be…. I was scared out of my mind thinking I was eating healthy but no just was the A1 burger that everyone should go try… I took pics of the burger but didn’t want to show you of the green stuff that happened after eating the burger enjoy it everyone while you ca!!!!
Eat the A1  🍔 = Green 💩


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