Good Bye Ferris Wheel 😭

Well today we said our last good bye to our one and only Navy Piers Ferris Wheel. Today will be the last day this Ferris Wheel will be on until next a year new Ferris Wheel. This lovely Chicago’s own greatest tourist attraction has been in Chicago since 1995 until today September 27, 2015 😥. We soon will be seeing this man made fabrication be taken away from this lovely city to God knows where. But the good news is that Navy Pier will not loose it’s Ferris Wheel they will be upgrading to a newer and better Ferris Wheel that will be opening in Fall of 2016!!!! 😍🙌🏽😀 Hopefully you all have enjoyed this fabulous attraction in the past before its good bye…. I know I have and here are some pics of our last ride.  

#Ferrwell #ChicagoNavyPier


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