Congratulations Michael

What an amazing day did I have today!!! 

Have you ever sat down and looked at the people you call friends and see how long you have known them and how you ever got to meet them? Well it’s amazing that today my friend Mike did such of the following and invited a group of his friends for a special dinner. Today I got to meet some people that show the value of Mikes Friendship to the max!!! I can say that Mike and I have been friends for about 10 years now, we go back to the lovely days of Wild Thursday’s at Mambos and Sangrias to our study time at his house lol. to our friendship now that we just meet up to catch up on what life has brought to us. 

I’m so proud of this guy and happy to call him my friend not only because he has the biggest heart and positive personality I have seen but because he is Mike there is no other person like him. This up coming week he starts his journey on what he love to do and what he is best at, and that’s  working for a great company well know in the media industry. He will do great there and can’t wait to see him progress more and more in life. Wish you the best and thank for having me in your dinner today..



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