Jacob Jordyn Moore Post

So I have a friend that post a status that he tired of dating guys and when he sees girls he finds himself having “straight” thoughts and what not. While reading his post I saw this post 

So I decided to message the Jacob guy and said a message of HIS PEVERTAD message about his “penis” tasting great. I said I bet it does taste great is all I said and he takes it a whole different way like I was the pervert when he the one posting on this guys Facebook post that his penis taste great like what the fuck really!!! Well if you can’t see his pics here some of him so you can see him better. 

But I’m ther pervert just agreeing with him in his post in called a pervert on his Facebook 😂😂😂😂😂😂 so now I’m his wall I’ll like to do him a favor and post little about him as well😇😇😇😇



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