Last Day On School Training 

On Friday June 12, 2015 just 10 weeks ago I walked in thru AT&T headquarters in north west suburb ofChicago not know what AT&T had in store for me or to to really expect out of AT&T. As all job our first day is are most nerve racking day plus our most excited day because we are starting a new chapter of our life hoping for the best to come. 

Here I sit wondering what do these other people now my coworkers have to offer to this company more than I or what I have to offer more than them, wondering what was their backgrounds and life history. While trying to study every single one of them two (2) people approach the counter and ask for all new hires here for orientation please fallow them. We started walking they this lovely building that is gigantic!!! But man is it beautiful place that I wish I could just stay there and work from this central office. 

While we did our lovely 8 hours of orientation that seemed more like 10 days, but the motet important thing they said was punctuality and fallow BCOC that’s what was engraved in our heads all the time this day. 

The 1st week of training we walked in with 16 new employees and ready for our pole climbing week this was a PASS or FAIL week


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