“Add A Friend” I’m adding his “Friends”

Have you ever wondered how much people will go to get your partner mad with you or start stories? Well here is a little gossip you can see if what people will do… 

     Well to start you off today was my last written test for my employment of AT&T, I was told this test would be one of the hardest test we will be taking before moving on in working in AT&T, this test or week is a PASS FAIL week so if we wouldn’t pass the test we will be let go from the program and need to look for a new job/ career lol.  Well I have good news today I am happy to say that I did pass this test with a 95% and still a current AT&T employee and moving on to tomorrow’s final hands on test that should be as easy as today’s test. After finishing up school and enjoying that I passed the test Juan and I went out to enjoy our selves some juicy White Castle across the street to celebrate my accomplishment of moving on with my job. That was the beginning of my day…. 

     But now for the juicy gossip or for the reason of my title you may ask…. Let’s say Robert F is back in the picture!!!! Yes the one that Juan cheated with me miss last year the one that he never told about me and never said he had a man. 
     Well Juan approached me that Robert sent him a essay text about that it’s bullshit that when we first became Facebook friends the only person in common was me and Juan but how in the fuck Robert and I have more common friends than before, that I should stop requesting his friend and family on Facebook that I’m requesting ALLL of his “Facebook Friends” and that he blocked me and reported me because of this insodince of we having more common friends than before… Plus that everyone is asking “HIM” that who am I plus that why am I requesting them as friends if I don’t know them. 

     My question is that if Robert and I have more common friends and I am “adding” all his friends why would they only ask him if they have common friends with me and only choosing him to ask about our friend ship what’s the big ass deal like hmmm something sounds suppiscious Her according to my books. I honestly don’t care he blocked me personally, because I’m not a insecure person and I know how to value myself as a person. I’m not here to fight for someone or to argue about Facebook things. If I would not have as much communication with Juan or trust I believe things would have ended and someone would have won this issues that has arose by someone else. 

     After we talked about Juan came to conclusion that he might be making jealous scream and wanting us to fight with each other or possibly break up. Juan has also commented to me that Robert has built up feelings for him and Juan has told him that they can only be friends.  But also seems that Robert now has a boyfriend according to Juan and trying to settle down with him. 



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