18′ foot test

What an amazing 4 days of my life!!! Well today I can say I’m proud of myself 😀👍🏽!! I PASSED my test today of gaffing 18′ poll today. When I started this class on Monday I was doubting myself on climbing all 18′ of the and doing everything they require you to do without holding on the poll relying on your bucksqueeze and not letting you fall. Even today waking up and driving here I was scared and wondering how in the world I would be able to do it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass this class. In this class we started with 17 people on Friday and today we are to 12 😞if they could have pushed themselves little long would been great. We have built such a great team as classmates and help each other in pushing the one that are here on moving forward. The biggest thing that has put me this far is seeing me moving to Florida and living my life out there. But now I can say I did it and will need to see what tomorrow brings to us.


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