Briana & Jareds Wedding

What an amazing wedding did I go to today! I was so blessed today if being part of a wedding of two great amazing people that mean the world to me and Juan. I would like to thank you personally for the invite and the great and fabulous time we had. Briana is an amazing friend that has always been there for me when I worked at Menards back in the day and helped me out in the hardware department, she is such a positive girl and loving person. Jared, he is one of a kind of man he is such great hearted and a self motivated person and that’s what I love about him. He has been a great friend since day one, he is a guy that will always put in a good mood no matter how bad your day is going on. 

They are like he perfect couple for each other, every time I seen them they are always smiling and having fun. I would like to wish them the best and congratulate them in a happy wedding and lots of love.  



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