Pre Indy 500

What an amazing day today!!! Has to be one of the best days of Spring 2015!!!! Shout out to the LEW Crew in Indianapolis this weekend enjoying the Indy 500!!!!! 

We started our journey to Indianapolis this morning around 8:00 AM starting breakfast at Bob Evans, thank you for whoever made the best decision to have breakfast there I have to say it was the best place to do it with such an amazing group of people. The food was delicious and spending time with every single one of you was better. After having breakfast we kept with our journey to Indianapolis, you know driving with a group of people you need to make the frequent bathroom brakes and in our first stop we did Winamac where we got to see a farm where they make cheese and ice cream!! Was a place I would like to come back and spend a day there!!!  After our fabulous walk in the Oak Farms we continued our journey to Indy.

After a 2 hours drive we arrived to our fabulous Indianapolis Indiana to see the Indy 500 parade !!!! 🎉🎊🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁 the parade was awesome, has to be one of the best parades in my life time as you can see from the few pics I took because most of the time I was amazed of all the work they put into this event and amazing floats!!! When the parade finished we meet up with some great friend of Eddie Gtz that lives out here in Indianapolis who is Rudy he was with his brother Tony and nephew Danny who are so much fun and amazing people. They took us in a 5k walk getting us ready for our next weekend Bubble run unexpectedly thru Indianapolis but man did they take us to an amazing spot to gain all of the calories that we just burned… It was BRU Burger and man did that burger taste soooooo good!!! I’m not sure if it was because we was dying of hunger or because it’s just such an amazing place to eat!!! 

Well after our lovely day getting to Indy and our 5k walk we parted to our resting destination where we will take our lovely nap to get ready for tomorrow’s amazing event the one and only Indy 500!!!! 
Good Night and see you guys tomorrow 





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