Happy Birthday Grandpa 

What and amazing day today!!! Today we celebrate my Grandpas 92nd Birthday full of blessing!!! It’s amazing having this guy with us on this special day that is full of joy..  This is one of the most inspiring people in my life not only he make everyone smile but he is always there to support you in your goals and dreams. Sometimes it upsets me that we are blessed to have this guy in our lives and some people never take the time of their lives to come and see him or just give him a call to let him know you love him. 

On Sunday we had a small little get together to celebrate not only Grandpas birthday but also Guatemala 2 birthday as well. 😍 as you can see in the pics we had a great time and also had all of grandpas daughters there to celebrate his birthday!!! 

    Yvette Paniagua Grandpa and Jorge Brio  Juan Martinez Granpa and Jore Brio  Elizabeth Mora Grandpa and Jorge Brio       


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