Happy Mothers Day

today I would like to wish all the Mother out there a Happy Mothers Day!! It’s amazing everything you go thru just to give life to every single child you have had. It’s so much work from day 1 when you become fertal to the day you give life to your precious child. The struggle does not end there because not from doing the all nighters to feeding and taking care of not just yourself but now of the be child you brought to the world. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! 

Today was an amazing day for myself I can say. I took my mother to see my grandmother at the cemetery what she has always wanted to do in the past but never has happened. It was so touching to me going with her and visit her mother how I visited my precious Mom. I love her to death she is an amazing women that has helped me out so much in life and has supported in me in my life decisions.  

  Jorge Brio  Jorge Brio    Jorge Brio  Jorge Brio  Jorge Brio 


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