We all have those friends that we get along but usually don’t get a chance to hang out much with them because of our busy lives. You think you know them but sometimes when you hang out with them you realize you really don’t know them as well as you thought. 

Well today I hung out with a friend like those and I can say I’m very upset of what I saw of him today 😒. I always saw him as a great guy and a self motivated person but not of what I saw after hanging out with him for so long. To start of I saw he had the Grindr app on his phone!!!! God that disgusted me like no other regardless that he is single that app is the most STD unsafe app there is that exist on the planet EARTH!!!! After I saw that app in his phone I completely changed without knowing he kept asking what’s wrong and I kept saying nothing don’t worry about it!!! He then asked me if it was because of the app and I had to tell him the truth of what I thought of that app. After I told him what I thought of the app and why his life is the way it is, is because he is hanging out with low life people that just chill on that app and never do nothing with their lives. 

Secondly we when to visit a great old friend of mine that is well know in the Chicago Land area. she spoke to us about things that was going on with her life and also things she believes in and he looked like he was all into it but in realisticly he wasn’t!!! Why in the fuck you act like you are into it when your NOT!! Why do people try to fit in just because don’t want to feel left out?!?!? My friend open her door to welcome you into her house did so much and you treat her like this!!!! That’s fucked up I am so upset right now of how you acted and how FAKE you are!!! 

People stopr trying to be someone your NOT!!!

Don’t try to fit in to shit your not into!!!!

If your from a different religion than what what people are talking about, ask to explain what it’s about instead of acting you know!!! 
I’m done before I talk more shit BYE!!! 


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