Araceli’s Birthday 

I would like to wish Araceli a great and blessing birthday! You are and amazing Friend!

I meet Araceli just little over a year ago, but since I meet here I fell in love with her personality and great hearted person. She is an amazing friend I could never say nothing bad about her, the only thing I could say bad about her she never really gives time to herself and values any second to Aracelis Time it’s ALL about the people she loves. But that’s is who she is and loves doing what she does, I can say all of her spare time is spending quality time with the two (2) most precious children in the world who are Joel and Jasmin, the little time I have meet them I have grown attached to these two (2) angels. Araceli might not think they are always angels but I act their age when I’m around then so she doesn’t allow me spending to much time with them because we end up all getting I trouble by mommy Chelly lol. I admire Araceli so much in such of a great she is to these kids and how much they look up to her. She has not only became my friend but inspired me to be a good role model to other and inspiring them to do their best and enjoy life no matter what life brings you. I love her personality I guess we have the same type of personality and what I’m so attached to her. Also about her she is so beautiful person inside and out I mean this girl is amazing! She has been a great friend and wish to never loose her as a friend. God bless you and your family girl best wishes and wish you many many many more birthdays to come and better invite me to the many many birthday girl!!! 

hope you enjoyed your day today with your family and loved ones.

 Jorge Brio  and Araceli  
Jorge Brio and Araceli  Jorge Brio and Araceli  Jorge Brio , Juan and Jasmin      Jorge Brio and Araceli     


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