American Diabetes Association Expo 2015

What an amazing event that American Diabetes Association (ADA) throws every single year!! This year was little different because they celebrated their 75th anniversary years of helping the communities all over the nation bringing awareness to such a cause like diabetes. Its such great feeling helping out a great company like ADA and brining awareness to people that have diabetes or helping those to prevent of getting diabetes. This year was my 4th year volunteering for this expo with the the great help of the LEW Crew that is always there supporting me and the community.

I would like to thank Eddie because if it wast for hime Im not sure if I would have been doing this counter work for so long. He asked me to volunteer four (4) years ago when his brother where doing it to help out the community in bringing awareness to the community mostly to the minority hispanic community. The hispanic minority community part of ADA known as Por Tu Familia is what we been doing all of our volunteer work with for the past 4 years. This year was extremely special for me because I had the crew with me at this event and had a great time with them all. Thank you Adrian, Anel, Ben, Eddie, & Juan for helping out today.

As you can see from the pictures below we help from everyone not only hispanic or minorities, but is are main focus. If you would like to volunteer and spread the word fill free to make a comment bellow so I can contact you have you spend great times with ADA and the LEW Crew in future events.


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