AT&T Interview 

Well today was my AT&T interview and let me say it was the most confusing thing ever!!! 1st of all I have never gone thru a hiring process EVER in my life… All my previous jobs I been hired before even doing all this stuff I’m doing for AT&T but let me tell you besides its confusing it’s time consuming 😞. 

First there was no way going in into the office because it’s all secured they said enter thru the back door, so I followed the sign and the door they said to enter thru didn’t even have a door handle. Second there was a bunch of guys just standing there doing the same thing as me on out phone not sure what to do. Suddenly a guy in sweat pants asked us if we was there for the interview and said yes took us thru a different door that wasn’t even part of the what was posted in the sign before. Si we go they the back of the back side of the building lol.  

We all walk in and the guy looks confused where did we all come from when we was supposed to enter thru the other side.  After he noticed a current employee let us in he was like ok let’s start. He starts by saying” Please check in with me and take a packet and fill it out” one by one we all signed in and to a packet of questions, we filled out a questionnaire of personal questions, little after we all completed the questions they showed us a short video of what our job duties will be if we got hired. Seems so much fun and interesting after watching the video made me want to work for AT&T more.  After they did the movie they gave us the speech of what they want and expect from us and this where some people got up and left lol they couldn’t handle it. 

After all that they gave us all individual interviews where I was so confused why they asked me the questions they did lol….

Tell me a day that you had a person that you saw looked left out or depressed and what you do to resolve the problems and what was the results? 

Tell me a date that the person you was talking to couldn’t understand or had problems of understanding, what did you do to resolve it and why?
And many more that I can’t remember lol….
Wish me luck 


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