Stop Holding On!!

I don’t know why we sometimes surround ourselves with negative people that just always love brings us down. Sometimes we just need to open up our eyes and see the reality of those people that brings us down and let go of them, might be the hardest thing to but will be one of the best thing you will do. 

Some people will always be next to you no matter what from to easy and the tough, from your happy days to your worst days in life. Those peoe that are always there for you are going to be the people you should never let go and sometimes are the ones you push sways worring of those that have let go of you in the past and you have caught to bring them back into your life but your wasting all your time and energy on a person that does not care about you like the others. 

Let go of those that have thrown their back at you at the tough times and on your worst of times and I beet your life will be so much better in the long run!!!!



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