Page Circus in Hammond

You never know what to expect in this house hold!!!

Today I woke up to have breakfast with my parents and my dad asks me what am I doing today , I responded back that I had nothing planned until Juan got out of work. He then asks me if I was up to go to the circus.i was confused because I didn’t know there was a circus in town until he showed me the tickets lol for kids go in FREE. I was like ok then let’s go, not knowing what I was getting myself involve. 

When Reyna (my sister-in-law) arrived with the kids I decide to take off with them to get them a good seat for the circus and also I was not sure where this place was going to be at. I never knew these place existed in the NWI lol. When we pulled in I didn’t know there was a circus in there if it was for a sign staiting circus this way.  We walk in to the facility that the was holding the circus and look interesting because I never been in this building and side of Hammond ever in my life. The had a great set up for the circus from vending foods to activities to do for the kids. The circus was great but only down fall they need to work on their speakers and making them work to the building they are doing things, might have a issues because we was the first show they had for the three days thy was going to be in town for but beside that it was a great show. 

 Jorge Brio Circus   
Jorge Brio Circus    Jorge Brio and Kids  Jorge Brio and Kids  Jorge Brio and Maya    Jorge Brio Circus    Jorge Brio Circus 


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