Happy Birthday Neto!!

Well today we are celebrating Anel’s cousin Netos birthday!!! I am amazed that I was invited to his birthday because he a guy that doesn’t allow to many people to get to know him. Juan & I meet this lovely guy just little less than a year ago in Anels birthday trip to Michigan last year, he was a amazing guy during the trip but never really talked to him afterwards. He is such a great and smart guy and great person to spend time with 😜.

Before heading to his house we went to shop at Petes Fresh Market to get some goodies and food to take with us to the party. Whistle shopping for the party I decide to make taco salad for the group and a get a smash cake. The fun part was having Adrian and I shopping for things to get for our taco salad and Adrian checking out the men and having me pick out everything for the salad.  While Adrian & I shopping for the stuff for the taco salad Blanca, Eddie, & Anel where looking for other things to take with us to party. Anel found a smash cake but was full of a thick chocolate cake!!! I didn’t think that was a good idea so we went to look for another cake and we found a moose cake and was the best decision!!!! Look at the pics below. 

It’s amazing how fast years go by and never notice them until you see your age on the birthday cake 😒. But it’s a blessing knowing your a year older and doing great! It was crazy and fun shopping for his party and having a blast.



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