Z’s Birthday 

What a wonderful day today!!! Happy Holy Friday 😀 and Z’s Birthday today!!! 

Well today Is Z’s birthday and everyone was confused in what to do it how to celebrate it because he is not a person that like people to celebrate his birthday. So we decided to just do what he like to do watch movies!!! 🎬 and lucky him Furious 7 just came out and no one has seen it, we decided to all get together and go with him and I guess semi celebrate his birthday doing so. The LEW Crew and his brothers and sister joined as well to the new movie theater in downtown Chicago Icon On Roosevelt to see this lovely movie but before the movie some gathered to go to the John Hancock building and do the tilt that seems exciting but Juan & I didn’t get a chance to go. 

But little of the movie, was a great movie if you have not seen it you should watch it at the movies it’s a cinema movie not a movie to watch at home. The Paul Walker tribute was so touching had me tear up but also seeing Anel & Blanca crying there asses off made me cry even more 😭 



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