Aprils Fools Fails

Today how everyone knows it’s April Fools I like pulling pranks on people. So today I took it to social media this year on pulling my Aprils Fools joke and it went pretty damb well but one person got very but hurt…  His name is Tomas Gonzalez Jr. the thing is that the link I posted would redirect you to your own Facebook page making you think the post was all about you BUT guess what it’s not it’s a link that again redirects you to your own page.  Here is the conversation before getting block lol!!!!  As you can see my post did not have no ones name or anything, all it had was a link to click and if who ever wanted to a pervert and see the person or the pics would click on the “link”  you can try it yourself and see it will send back to your Facebook page… http://facebook.com/profile.php?=7332236 got to love those people that really think they the center of attention… 


He unblocked me afterwards I guess because he felt stupid but I don’t care he talked a lot of shit on Facebook thinking I was talking about him!!! When guess what I wasn’t… 


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