Game Night @ Anel’s…

I love spending quality time with the LEW Crew šŸ˜„ it’s a amazing feeling spending time with my family of friends the people I know that will be there for me when my family can’t. These group of people are my everything, people that I can’t talk to and tell them my problems and they won’t judge me. 

I first would like to thank Anel for hosting the game night, it’s very nice of you for doing such a thing and having us over to eat pizza and play games and be crazy ass people that we are. From playing Mafia to playing The Conjouring is the best…. Games that no matter how old we are we will find a way to entertain ourselves.  There is never a day of game night that we ending up arguing and because of the arguing we change the game. šŸ˜‚ we play more games in one night than most people play in a month lol. Also a great big shout out to our friend Phil from Canada !!!

I would like to thank everyone that made it out today for game night that includes Anel, Adrian, Bryan, Eddie, Ingrid, Jaime, Juan, Tiffany, Michelle, and Z




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