Flavor 2015

What an amazing day today!!! I had a good food expo from Sysco Chicago Inc. and tasted log of different types of food and ways preparing it.  

Today thanks to Ashley a sales rep from Sysco invited me to the Flavor of 2015. They had lots of different things to try like Small Bites, Salads, Soup & Bread, Pasta & Pizza, Cheese & Deli, Seafood, Meat and my favorite Desserts and Beverages!!! Let’s say I took my mom to just join me to the event to have some company to join me but let’s say she got more out of it than me lol.

My mom came home with bags filled of products and items from Sysco and came home extra full of eating and trying everything that passed her nose. She looked so adorable going to every stand and stuffing her mouth not knowing what it would taste, but her face reaction to the food that she didn’t like was priceless!!! She would tell me you would like that and I would tell her I ask before putting it my mouth what it has so I won’t make those faces… 

It was fun and hope to go to many more they have. Next time I’ll take other people to join me.



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