Tow Truck Story

Im here sitting watching tv rolling in the floor thinking of My friends toe truck story lol.. Here it goes 😉

My friend was driving home couple months ago from a exciting day out with friends, when his truck suddenly stopped working and he was forced to pull over in the side of the expressway and wait for a tow truck. He sat there for a long 45 min waiting for AAA to come and help him out. Suddenly AAA shows up with with his flatbed and Mr Gtz starts talking to the tow truck driver. 

Tow Truck Driver: Hi, how you doing today? Are you Mr. Gtz?

Mr Gtz: Good and you? Wish I could be home by now (stressed out)

Tow Truck Driver: Can you please step out of the truck? (Mr Gtz steps out of the truck) What happened to your truck?

Mr Gtz: I don’t know I’m gay! I was just driving and suddenly shut off in me and didn’t want to turn on anymore. 

Tow Truck Driver: Ok Mr Gtz can you please put your truck in to neutral and jump in the truck, I will need to tow your truck. ( Mr Gtz jumps in the truck)

The truck driver starts latching all the chains to Mr Gtz truck and prepping for it to pull on the his flatbed truck. Suddenly the tow truck driver starts pulling the truck up to the flatbed.

Mr Gtz: Sitting in his truck he gets scared of what is going on. Reality kicks in to him and thinks it’s not safe to he secures himself by buckling up and holding on to his steering wheel very tight. While the trucker is pulling the truck up to the tow truck Mr Gtz body is bouncing all over (he says that it felt like when your going up on a roller coster). After little while the truck is fully up in the flatbed and ready to go. 

Tow Truck Driver: He opens his truck to take off after securing the truck but then suddenly stop and had the most confused look on his face. He take a walk around his tow truck and looks to his left down the road looks to his right down the road (still with a confused look) 

Mr Gtz: Lowers his driver window and yells out ” Excuse me what you looking for Mr?!?!” 

Tow Truck Driver: ” Oh My God!!! What the hell are you doing in your truck!!” “Your not supposed to be in your truck!”

Mr Gtz: confused “What you mean? You told me to get in the truck?”

Tow Truck Drive: “No! Not your truck! My truck! Do you know how much trouble would I get if you would have got injured!?!?”  

Mr Gtz: ” I was thinking the same but, I was confused and obeying your instructions”

Tow Truck Driver: ” Get out! Get out of your truck! Before anyone sees you or you get hurt!

The Tow Truck driver helps Mr Gtz out of his truck and secures him into his trucks and toes his truck to his house safely  



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