St. Patrick’s Day 

I’m so happy about today !!! I had a blast seeing the Chicago River Dye of my first time in my life time!!! It was awsome and had a blast with my friend Cristina that showed up to join me 😀… The funny part is she took forever to find me but everything was all God tho..

To start off my day I always take Juan to work before 7:30 to NWM, so doing so I stayed downtown to enjoy today’s Chicago Dye… Was little early but was great timing to go check out the scenery and get the best spot 😍… I was waiting for my friends Osito, Adryan, & Cristina but only Cristina was the one that showed up.. She showed up but got lost in the process of reaching me lol.. After she reached and found me we had this awesome camera crew next to us filming… The Chicago River Dye started right on time at 9:15 AM and ended approx 9:30 AM was quick but beautiful experience as you can see on my pics. After leaving the River dye we went to the parade. At the parade we meet lots of great people but what was the funniest thing is people grabbing and massaging my balls.. I guess that is what St. Patrick’s Day is for me getting my balls grabbed and massaged loved it!!! My parade BF was Patty OMG I loved her she was the greatest person I have meet at a parade had a blast with her.. While the parade was going on Juan showed up after work and was with us as well until the parade got boring and Patty and Fam decided to leave so did we.

before everyone showed up

Jorge Brio & Patty


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