Lawsuit Judgment 

After 3 year of battling this case it comes to a end!!!!! FINALLY!!!

In March of 2012 I tried purchasing a house in Hammond with Fith Third Real Estate LLC but everything went down the drain when they started giving me the round around. They required a down payment of $5,000 for them to start the paperwork and start the process of the house. So we did give them the $5,000 as requested for them to start the legal paperwork and also get the house when everything was ready. He then told me that will take a couple of days for the paperwork to process and get under my name. A week passed and they told me that nothing was ready yet that they would reach out to me to do the paperwork. Another weeks passed and they called me that they have everything ready and will need to do everything the next day that was a Saturday I had to work and told them could we do it Monday when I was off he told me would cost me $80 more to process paperwork in Monday’s so I ask when can we do it then for it to be cheaper. He then tells me he will need to call me back to check on the closers schedule I called him that fallowing Wednesday and he said they couldn’t do it because now they where having issues with the title work. After they told me that I requested my down payment back and I they had me sign paperwork and fax paperwork over and never recovered my money. I soon then went to file a small claims court to see what cold happen. After filing the small claims court I received a court date to be in March of 2014 they then requested to change of judge. They granted there request, months passed by no news from court until I called to see what was going on with my case. Soon after calling I got another court date was happy that they responed quickly now date was Jan 2015 went to court he did not show up, had to do a retrial for March 2015 that’s today!!! Guess what he didn’t show up again!!! I explained everything to the judge and showed all the proof they was going to give me my down payment back and WON the case!!! 😍


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