Osito y Zara came to visit

Have you ever had a friend you admire so much when you see them that you thank God you have him/ her as a friend? Well guess what my friends that I have I always love seeing them and getting to know them more every time I see them 😀 I believe that’s what makes a true friendship last and build a stronger bond. 

Well to say it all I love it when friends come and visit me at work like today my great and best friend Osito came to visit me with his lovely friend Zara… They where amazing and what they told me they enjoyed the drinks and food as well. With Osito as you may know I love that guy to death great friend he always has me smiling and having a great time!! He reminds me of me but just in a skinnier version lol 😳.  They both ordered some omelets and a mimosa and a lovely Margarita love making them so ask for one when you come in. Zara is a great person bless her heart she fell in love with one of my employee we will call “El Nino” omg she was so adorable when she saw El Niño her eyes opened wide and so did some other parts of her body but that rated XXX lol. Her and Osito loved him that he so adorable and looks so yummy.. They said I should have showed them him and would have had him for breakfast. El Niño was asking me about them and when I would go to the table they would ask about him lol was a great time. When they finished up there meal they was about to leave but could find a Uber in the area and I told them if they waited little long I would take them downtown and get them to there house faster. But before that happened Zara was amazed of all the sausage we have in the restaurant I took her and Osito a tour around the restaurant, while doing so we found El Niño crying downstairs thinking of why didn’t he get Zara or Ositos number ( he thought they left all ready lol) so when he saw Zara and Osito he had the biggest Colgate smile and then took a lovely pic with Zara not Osito because he hasn’t completed his transformation to a mujer yet.. But you should have seen Zara it was like if she was seeing and holding William Levy… It was a good time tho, had s blast with them… 

Would like to thank them for visiting me tho hope you come back soon… 


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