Great day with Juan

I love days like today just nice and relaxing… I worked today in the morning and so did he, after getting out of work we took Our lovely friend Eva home because they was waiting for for to have dinner… After taking her home Juan asked me what I wanted to eat and I remembered that last week he told me he was craving Comales so I decided to say Comales to have his taste buds get his burrito it wanted lol. He ordered his chorizo burrito while I ordered my tacos de lengua and steak tacos. The tacos where so delicious as always I enjoy eating there mostly the on 26 St but we was not driving all the way out there for just tacos. After enjoying our dinner drive home and started watching tv and also watched one of my favorite movies “Pitch Perfect” I love that movie 😉 cuddle and fell asleep for a little watching movies. After watching couple movies he went home to sleep and make up for the day lights savings time change a hour forward that going to mess us all up tomorrow… 😞


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