LatPro Jobfair

Today I had my chance to get a job at a place I love which is Disney but I decide to stay where my family lives and my friends are in Chicgao. I decided to take a chance and look one more month in Chicago for a job and if it doesn’t happen I will then look for employment some where else like Florida. 

I went to LatPro job fair here in Chicago and I will never regret coming to this Jobfair. I learned a lot from the people that organized it and the companies in the Jobfair. They made me realize how powerful it is to be a minority but also bilingual. When people call me minority I feel proud to be a minority because I don’t feel like one because I value my self more than they do themselves. I value for two people and they can only do not even half of what I can because of who I am.  If your a minority or bilingual don’t down yourself because of your race be proud of who you are will get you farther than you think!!! 


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