Breakfast with Osito

had my first ever breakfast with my great friend Osito today was a blast catching up on things we can’t talk about on Facebook. Lol little of what we talked about is how some people comment on his Facebook and he feels that they are attacking but we don’t know really if they re attacking him or not?? Also of our best friend Vaquero that is currently in California and how much we want to visit him out there and have a great time with him… OMG and the best part of a post he put up yesterday of him in the gym Perita style lol… Let me tell you he looked extra yea and was going to tell him the truth in Facebook but had to tell him in person, “Que eso no se hace!!!”  Lol it’s a inside joke for now on.

He took me to a awsome place on Clark St called Tiztal Cafe it’s amazing place I recommend it for anyone that want to have a great breakfast. We ordered some delicious chilaquiles with asada man they was the best but not spicy for me tho 😢 but had a great flavor.  In the pics below you can see how good they look and that chile they gave me was awesome to but again not spicy enough for me 😢. I would so go there again and with more people. 

For those that don’t know Osito he is one of my best guy friends in the world I love him to death a guy I would take a bullet for.  you can see a semi pic of him because he little camera shy, he don’t want his stockers know who he hangs with or chills at… 😂


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