Dinner @ Hooters

Came to Hooters in Lansing to have a lovely dinner with Juan and our Lovely waitress Courtney. If you ever come to Hooters in Landing you should ask for her she will treat you the best and be looking over your table. 

But besides the awsome service she does she knows our order and I love that about her 😍 she always goes the usual or something different? When we say usual she repeats the order to us so 10 piece buffalo shrimp 911, Hooters Salad with Ranch and 20 boneless with Fries and Maragrita on the rock? And we always say great job Courtney yes lol.

After getting our delicious meal, we suddenly see this guy bring in two little boys no older than 6 years of age, both of the boy dressed in camouflage jackets and blue jeans both dressed alike scared and lost faces. The guy that brought them in was in his mid 40s seemed he worked in construction bright orange sweater with a reflecting vest. The guy stood there talking with a officer (that they always have in the establishment) and then the officer started talking to the oldest of the two kids. After a while two (2) uniformed officers come in and start talking to the officer that was working, that’s where it fought my attention and listen in to what was going in. I soon then saw the guy that brought the kids in talking to the uniformed officers and pointing at the kids and point to the parking lot and motioning circles. Right after I saw that I called over our server and she confirmed that these kids where left behind by their parents at Wendy’s parking lot. Theboth  kids looked so scared and worried of what was going on wit all the commotion soon two (2) more officers walk in and that’s when more people started noticing something going on.  I hope they call DCFS on these parents and never let them see their kids ever again. Let me remind you it is ugly out snowing and cold!!!! How in the world can you forget not just one but two of your kids? I bet they didn’t forget to put them on their income taxes. 


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