American Airlines

On our way back home from my fabulous vacation 1.5 weeks of from work and don’t feel like going back but here we go again. In our airplane to head back home 😞 and save money for our future trips and vacations 😜.

But before we get talking about getting back to work something very weird happened to me on this flight heading from Orlando to O’Hare. After our safety instructions and taking off the pilot says “it’s now safe to use any electronically devices just make sure they are on airplane mode” ” now we will show you our feature movie for the day” well the TVs come down from the ceiling and the first part of the movie comes and its Mickey Mouse in the good old days not much talking just gestures and that’s it. I look over and see Juan laughing the whole times what’s going seeing him act like a big kid was making my flight home priceless. After seeing the little clip of Mickey Mouse the movie starts and Juan asked me if I wanted to use his left side ear phone because he only had his right one on the whole time. So I moved over to lean my head on his shoulder to put on the left ear piece. After placing the ear piece I looked at him weird and asked him why are you listing to this movie in Spanish he looks and laughs at me back “No I’m not its in English” then I tell him no your not its in Spanish he laughs and doubts me and put on my ear piece and we then found out that each ear was speaking in different languages. 😂 I then press the bottom to get the flight attendant to ask if that how we suppose to listen to the movie. She laughs and asked the lady behind us if she was having same issues and she was. It came to conclusion that no one was watching the movie except me and him at the moment. After we told her everyone around us started laughing knowing about the issue. So the had to reset the whole movie and get everything ready up and running again. After the reset it it all worked good 😛…


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