Jan 6

Have you ever wondered what you dream? What about why you dream? Lol

Today was a crazy morning!!!

I was dreaming of running my parents business back where we lived, while dreaming of running a successful business and seeing all these happy hungry customers I soon start hearing the Mortal Combat song in the background Mooooooortalllll Coooommbat! Mooooooooortal Cooooommmmbat in a repetitive. I was confused in my dream so I remember looking to my right and I then see Sub Zero I’m like WTF is he doing in my restaurant. I then see Sub Zero shoot ice from his hand across the room and see Scorpion in the other side attacking him back. In the middle of them fighting in my restaurant I shook my head wondering what in the world is happening. After opening my eyes from shaking my head I end up in the elevator with Sub Zero like the video that is going viral of him scaring people in the elevator. So I started to laugh knowing it was a prank. But during the this whole entire time in the back ground I’m still hearing Mooooooortallll Coooooommmmbat!!!! While I was laughing in my dream I wake up and when I woke up I still hear Mooooorrtallll Cooooommmmbbbat!!!! When I paid clear attention to the noise it was coming from my brothers phone downstairs 😢


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