Massacre Haunted House

What a amazing haunted house they have here!!!! It was better than “13th Floors” that we went to last weekend. The only thing we found out this time around that you can’t judge a book by it covers. Massacre Haunted House looks like to be a lame haunted house from the out side because not much going on but wait until you walk in and your mind set will change of that place.

This time I did not become the leader because I wanted Juan to be the leader for once this time around 😉 In our group of four was Juan, Liza (La Muñeca), Me, and Chelly….. It was a good thing that Juan went first because if it was not for him I would have been for sure at the end by the middle of the haunted house. I was so scared in some parts of the house that a dropped down to the floor and listened to Chelly screaming “TELL HIM TO LEAVE ME ALONE”!!!!! lol and ahead of me I would here Liza “NO! NO! NO!” them girls made it so much fun besides having great props and actors in this place..

I 100% recommend this place for anyone they are open for Christmas & Valentines Massacre as well I know I will be back again for sure to this place.


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