Semi busy day

Ok so today I had it planned to be a very calm day but guess what!!! NO it didn’t happen… Well I first had planned to just go take my Ramsey test for the steel mill and come home and work on a app I’m working on. But them plans all when to shits when I was going to take my test and my coordinator from my hospital job texted me “You’re on the schedule. Will you be in?” I was like WTF I told the other coordinator I was not going in today because I had a test to take. She responds back that I never told her…. So now I was pissed off driving to the test because now they expected me at work when I was not suppose to work. So I responded I’ll be in after taking the test. I took the test tried my best and went to work.
When I arrived to work I was only given 5 patients to do that to myself was waste if time to even come in because I drive 40 min to work and pay $11.00 for parking. So after a long 4 hours at work, I decided to clock out even there was some coworkers still out on the floor with patients lol not my problem they should have asked the others for help.

While driving home I big smile came to my face because I remembered that’s I told the coordinator that I switched today to work on Saturday, but guess what I worked today and so that means I don’t work Saturday. Now if she calls me Saturday I’ll tell her ummm yea I don’t remember telling you that how she told me today 😃


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