Facebeook Status

I was going thru my “Facebook” page last night and saw a guys post about committing suicide and just got me thinking?

Does this guy post shit like this for attention?

Does this guy post it because he really thinking of killing himself?

Or he just not sure what he wants of life?

I actually responded to his post and was little concerned if he was or was not thinking of doing so. I sent him a pretty long message letting him know that it was stupid of him if he was thinking of commenting suicide if he was going to. I also told him that he would be only hurting his loved one more than himself, Its a selfish act when you commit suicide because you are only thinking of your own feeling and of no one else. I have had people previously in my life that have done so and all we are stuck with question and mostly WHY? No one will really know because of your selfish act you did what you did. So many people started commenting on his page, while I sent him a personal message to him.

I saw he read my message and tell me if he responded back with anything? NO he did not I guess he is one of them people that just do it for attention!!! People that do it because they have so low self-esteem that they need social media to get them selves up!!!! People that should kill themselves and not post al over and just do it so we won’t have them stupid post on Facebook. I have see that the silent ones are the ones that are more successful in killing them selves no need to post it  all over the web.


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