13th Floor

I got a chance to visit the 13th Floor Haunted House in Melrose Park today with Liza & Juan it was one of the best haunted houses I been to lately. Was kinda pricy for the house but the best part is having Liza all up in my ass screaming 😉

From the start there it was a great experience because there was people scaring people out side in the line. There was a guy dressed up like my friend Liza when she wakes up every morning. 😱 lol was pretty funny but she didn’t that it was because I think was true lol. I then saw a guy that had a puppet in his had look like the luckiest puppet ever getting fisted all day long when I don’t 😔… But when we arrived to actually enter there was a crazy looking girl that gave the house a great spook feeling to enter. They send you in small groups with approximately 2 minutes intervals. There is enough scare for everyone no matter what part of the group you in front middle or back. I was in the front with Liza in the back of me sniffing my ass lol. That girl didn’t want to let go of seeing the back of my jacket every time she herd me scream she screamed louder, or every time she looked up I would go death lol..

We paid a extra $10 per person to get the fast pass and costed us $80 for 2 to enter the haunted house.


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