What a day πŸ˜‰

I expected today to be worse 😜 but everything was different than imaginable from work to my day with my best Friend since college to Juan. πŸ˜‹ first of all I thought there would be more new borns today than usual because of the “Lunar Eclipse” from last night but no πŸ˜ƒ I only had 14 new borns in my floor just like a regular day… and right before clocking out my Regional Coordinator had a that talk with me I talked about πŸ™Œ…
When I got out of work for the first time I can remember Juan was out side waiting for me ready to go and eat lol so we decided to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lansing with Eva and Regina.. We had great service like usual with our lovely server friends. Eva and I decided to join LA Fitness while eating wings and French fries lol so we went straight to LA Fitness after eating. hopefully we do start going to loose some weight ;-)… While we where sitting there signing up for our membership a guy stopped by and told the GM that someone robbed then. I was little confused what he said but as Eva with great hearing was like “something’s don’t change” lol.
After joining the club Eva left home with Regina while Juan and I came to my house to watch American Horror Stories but he was falling asleep and decided to watch “The Walking Dead” I saw he was falling asleep again so I was a little horny I decided to have him fall asleep before I unzipped his pants and started giving him a 😱. He was supposedly sleeping while I was doing this but funny he stretched out and got very comfortable lol. He suddenly woke up like if he wasn’t and said I want to f’ you. I was like ok but let’s go to the bed. We started again playing around when I decided to pretend I didn’t want to do anything any more. I told him to stop and he pushed me down and I tried to run away and pulled me back to the bed. I started screaming like if it was rape, lol yea ok. He jumped on top of me and forced me to the bed and held me down, he soon then forced it in me and was like now what. I kept pushing him away from me roll playing. I was going all at it in full force making me scream and yell to get off me… It was by far one of the best roll playing and sex ever in the past week. After he got done with me it was my turn but he didn’t really roll play much, he just moans and screamed πŸ˜‰ all good times. After all that now it time for a good night πŸ’€ πŸ’€….


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